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Learn about newsworthy public meetings before they happen. Track government action at the city, county and district levels. Find local stories that matter to readers.

Agenda Watch pulls in meeting agendas from around the U.S. and reads them so you don’t have to. Our software sifts through documents, then sends you an email digest of the agenda items relevant to your region and beat.

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Agenda Watch helps you to stay informed about upcoming public meetings, agendas and staff reports. To use it, just choose the public agencies you would like to follow from the list below and enter one or more keywords related to a topic. We’ll send you twice-weekly email alerts with agenda items that match your query.

Pro tip: For best results, sign up for one topic per email. Our search feature works best if you set one email alert for “firefighters, wildfires” and another email alert for “coronavirus, COVID-19”, for example, rather than setting one alert for “firefighters, wildfires, coronavirus, COVID-19.”

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Contact us at hello@agendawatch.org.

Agenda Watch is based at Stanford University. It is developed with support from Big Local News, and exists thanks to the contributions of Erin Bennett, Amy DiPierro, Holden Foreman, Cheryl Phillips, Chris Stock, Serdar Tumgoren and Patricia Wei.


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